class openmc.deplete.transfer_rates.TransferRates(operator, model)[source]

Class for defining continuous removals and feeds.

Molten Salt Reactors (MSRs) benefit from continuous reprocessing, which removes fission products and feeds fresh fuel into the system. MSRs inspired the development of this class.

An instance of this class can be passed directly to an instance of one of the openmc.deplete.Integrator classes.

New in version 0.14.0.

  • operator (openmc.TransportOperator) – Depletion operator

  • model (openmc.Model) – OpenMC model containing materials and geometry. If using openmc.deplete.CoupledOperator, the model must also contain a opnemc.Settings object.

  • burnable_mats (list of str) – All burnable material IDs.

  • local_mats (list of str) – All burnable material IDs being managed by a single process

  • transfer_rates (dict of str to dict) – Container of transfer rates, components (elements and/or nuclides) and destination material

  • index_transfer (Set of pair of str) – Pair of strings needed to build final matrix (destination_material, mat)


Extract removing elements and/or nuclides for a given material


material (openmc.Material or str or int) – Depletable material


elements – List of elements and nuclides where transfer rates exist

Return type


get_destination_material(material, component)[source]

Return destination material for given material and component, if defined.

  • material (openmc.Material or str or int) – Depletable material

  • component (str) – Element or nuclide that gets transferred to another material.


destination_material_id – Depletable material ID to where the element or nuclide gets transferred

Return type

list of str

get_transfer_rate(material, component)[source]

Return transfer rate for given material and element.

  • material (openmc.Material or str or int) – Depletable material

  • component (str) – Element or nuclide to get transfer rate value


transfer_rate – Transfer rate values

Return type

list of floats

set_transfer_rate(material, components, transfer_rate, transfer_rate_units='1/s', destination_material=None)[source]

Set element and/or nuclide transfer rates in a depletable material.

  • material (openmc.Material or str or int) – Depletable material

  • components (list of str) – List of strings of elements and/or nuclides that share transfer rate. Cannot add transfer rates for nuclides to a material where a transfer rate for its element is specified and vice versa.

  • transfer_rate (float) – Rate at which elements and/or nuclides are transferred. A positive or negative value corresponds to a removal or feed rate, respectively.

  • destination_material (openmc.Material or str or int, Optional) – Destination material to where nuclides get fed.

  • transfer_rate_units ({'1/s', '1/min', '1/h', '1/d', '1/a'}) – Units for values specified in the transfer_rate argument. ‘s’ for seconds, ‘min’ for minutes, ‘h’ for hours, ‘a’ for Julian years.