class openmc.deplete.helpers.EnergyScoreHelper(score='heating-local')[source]

Class responsible for obtaining system energy via a tally score


score (string) – Valid score to use when obtaining system energy from OpenMC. Defaults to “heating-local”

  • nuclides (list of str) – List of nuclides with reaction rates. Not needed, but provided for a consistent API across other NormalizationHelper

  • energy (float) – System energy [eV] computed from the tally. Will be zero for all MPI processes that are not the “master” process to avoid artificially increasing the tallied energy.

  • score (str) – Score used to obtain system energy

prepare(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Create a tally for system energy production

Input arguments are not used, as the only information needed is score


Obtain system energy from tally

Only the master process, comm.rank == 0 will have a non-zero energy taken from the tally. This avoids accidentally scaling the system power by the number of MPI processes