openmc.deplete.pool.deplete(func, chain, x, rates, dt, matrix_func=None, *matrix_args)[source]

Deplete materials using given reaction rates for a specified time

  • func (callable) – Function to use to get new compositions. Expected to have the signature func(A, n0, t) -> n1

  • chain (openmc.deplete.Chain) – Depletion chain

  • x (list of numpy.ndarray) – Atom number vectors for each material

  • rates (openmc.deplete.ReactionRates) – Reaction rates (from transport operator)

  • dt (float) – Time in [s] to deplete for

  • maxtrix_func (callable, optional) – Function to form the depletion matrix after calling matrix_func(chain, rates, fission_yields), where fission_yields = {parent: {product: yield_frac}} Expected to return the depletion matrix required by func

  • matrix_args (Any, optional) – Additional arguments passed to matrix_func


x_result – Updated atom number vectors for each material

Return type

list of numpy.ndarray