What’s New in 0.6.2

System Requirements

There are no special requirements for running the OpenMC code. As of this release, OpenMC has been tested on a variety of Linux distributions, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows 7. Memory requirements will vary depending on the size of the problem at hand (mostly on the number of nuclides in the problem).

New Features

  • Meshline plotting capability

  • Support for plotting cells/materials on middle universe levels

  • Ability to model cells with no surfaces

  • Compatibility with PETSc 3.5

  • Compatability with OpenMPI 1.7/1.8

  • Improved overall performance via logarithmic-mapped energy grid search

  • Improved multi-threaded performance with atomic operations

  • Support for fixed source problems with fissionable materials

Bug Fixes

  • 26fb93: Fix problem with -t, –track command-line flag

  • 2f07c0: Improved evaporation spectrum algorithm

  • e6abb9: Fix segfault when tallying in a void material

  • 291b45: Handle metastable nuclides in NNDC data and multiplicities in MT=5 data


This release contains new contributions from the following people: