What’s New in 0.4.0

System Requirements

There are no special requirements for running the OpenMC code. As of this release, OpenMC has been tested on a variety of Linux distributions as well as Mac OS X. However, it has not been tested yet on any releases of Microsoft Windows. Memory requirements will vary depending on the size of the problem at hand (mostly on the number of nuclides in the problem).

New Features

  • The probability table method for treatment of energy self-shielding in the unresolved resonance range has been implemented and is now turned on by default.

  • Calculation of Shannon entropy for assessing convergence of the fission source distribution.

  • Ability to compile with the PGI Fortran compiler.

  • Ability to run on IBM BlueGene/P machines.

  • Completely rewrote how nested universes are handled. Geometry is now much more robust.

Bug Fixes

  • Many geometry errors have been fixed. The Monte Carlo performance benchmark can now be successfully run in OpenMC.