What’s New in 0.6.0

System Requirements

There are no special requirements for running the OpenMC code. As of this release, OpenMC has been tested on a variety of Linux distributions, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows 7. Memory requirements will vary depending on the size of the problem at hand (mostly on the number of nuclides in the problem).

New Features

  • Legendre and spherical harmonic expansion tally scores

  • CMake is now default build system

  • Regression test suite based on CTests and NNDC cross sections

  • FoX is now a git submodule

  • Support for older cross sections (e.g. MCNP 66c)

  • Progress bar for plots

  • Expanded support for natural elements via <natural_elements> in settings.xml

Bug Fixes

  • 41f7ca: Fixed erroneous results from survival biasing

  • 038736: Fix tallies over void materials

  • 46f9e8: Check for negative values in probability tables

  • d1ca35: Fixed sampling of angular distribution

  • 0291c0: Fixed indexing error in plotting

  • d7a7d0: Fix bug with <element> specifying xs attribute

  • 85b3cb: Fix out-of-bounds error with OpenMP threading


This release contains new contributions from the following people: