, energy_emitted, za_projectile, za_emitted, za_target)[source]

Returns Kalbach-Mann slope from calculations.

The associated reaction is defined as: A + a -> C -> B + b


  • A is the targeted nucleus,

  • a is the projectile,

  • C is the compound,

  • B is the residual nucleus,

  • b is the emitted particle.

The Kalbach-Mann slope calculation is done as defined in ENDF-6 manual BNL-203218-2018-INRE, Revision 215, File 6 description for LAW=1 and LANG=2. One exception to this, is that the entrance and emission channel energies are not calculated with the AWR number, but approximated with the number of mass instead.

New in version 0.13.1.

  • energy_projectile (float) – Energy of the projectile in the laboratory system in eV

  • energy_emitted (float) – Energy of the emitted particle in the center of mass system in eV

  • za_projectile (int) – ZA identifier of the projectile

  • za_emitted (int) – ZA identifier of the emitted particle

  • za_target (int) – ZA identifier of the targeted nucleus


NotImplementedError – When the projectile is not a neutron


slope – Kalbach-Mann slope given with the same format as ACE file.

Return type