, geometry='AP')[source]

Return effective dose conversion coefficients from ICRP-116

This function provides fluence (and air kerma) to effective dose conversion coefficients for various types of external exposures based on values in ICRP Publication 116. Corrected values found in a correigendum are used rather than the values in theoriginal report.

  • particle ({'neutron', 'photon', 'photon kerma', 'electron', 'positron'}) – Incident particle

  • geometry ({'AP', 'PA', 'LLAT', 'RLAT', 'ROT', 'ISO'}) – Irradiation geometry assumed. Refer to ICRP-116 (Section 3.2) for the meaning of the options here.


  • energy (numpy.ndarray) – Energies at which dose conversion coefficients are given

  • dose_coeffs (numpy.ndarray) – Effective dose coefficients in [pSv cm^2] at provided energies. For ‘photon kerma’, the coefficients are given in [Sv/Gy].