class, atomic_weight_ratio, temperature, pairs, nxs, jxs, xss)[source]

ACE cross section table

  • name (str) – ZAID identifier of the table, e.g. ‘92235.70c’.
  • atomic_weight_ratio (float) – Atomic mass ratio of the target nuclide.
  • temperature (float) – Temperature of the target nuclide in MeV.
  • pairs (list of tuple) – 16 pairs of ZAIDs and atomic weight ratios. Used for thermal scattering tables to indicate what isotopes scattering is applied to.
  • nxs (numpy.ndarray) – Array that defines various lengths with in the table
  • jxs (numpy.ndarray) – Array that gives locations in the xss array for various blocks of data
  • xss (numpy.ndarray) – Raw data for the ACE table