openmc.stats – Statistics

Univariate Probability Distributions

openmc.stats.Univariate Probability distribution of a single random variable.
openmc.stats.Discrete Distribution characterized by a probability mass function.
openmc.stats.Uniform Distribution with constant probability over a finite interval [a,b]
openmc.stats.Maxwell Maxwellian distribution in energy.
openmc.stats.Watt Watt fission energy spectrum.
openmc.stats.Tabular Piecewise continuous probability distribution.
openmc.stats.Legendre Probability density given by a Legendre polynomial expansion \(\sum\limits_{\ell=0}^N \frac{2\ell + 1}{2} a_\ell P_\ell(\mu)\).
openmc.stats.Mixture Probability distribution characterized by a mixture of random variables.

Angular Distributions

openmc.stats.UnitSphere Distribution of points on the unit sphere.
openmc.stats.PolarAzimuthal Angular distribution represented by polar and azimuthal angles
openmc.stats.Isotropic Isotropic angular distribution.
openmc.stats.Monodirectional Monodirectional angular distribution.

Spatial Distributions

openmc.stats.Spatial Distribution of locations in three-dimensional Euclidean space.
openmc.stats.CartesianIndependent Spatial distribution with independent x, y, and z distributions.
openmc.stats.Box Uniform distribution of coordinates in a rectangular cuboid.
openmc.stats.Point Delta function in three dimensions.