openmc.mgxs – Multi-Group Cross Section Generation

Energy Groups

openmc.mgxs.EnergyGroups An energy groups structure used for multi-group cross-sections.

Multi-group Cross Sections

openmc.mgxs.MGXS An abstract multi-group cross section for some energy group structure within some spatial domain.
openmc.mgxs.AbsorptionXS An absorption multi-group cross section.
openmc.mgxs.CaptureXS A capture multi-group cross section.
openmc.mgxs.Chi The fission spectrum.
openmc.mgxs.FissionXS A fission multi-group cross section.
openmc.mgxs.InverseVelocity An inverse velocity multi-group cross section.
openmc.mgxs.KappaFissionXS A recoverable fission energy production rate multi-group cross section.
openmc.mgxs.MultiplicityMatrixXS The scattering multiplicity matrix.
openmc.mgxs.NuFissionMatrixXS A fission production matrix multi-group cross section.
openmc.mgxs.ScatterXS A scattering multi-group cross section.
openmc.mgxs.ScatterMatrixXS A scattering matrix multi-group cross section with the cosine of the change-in-angle represented as one or more Legendre moments or a histogram.
openmc.mgxs.ScatterProbabilityMatrix The group-to-group scattering probability matrix.
openmc.mgxs.TotalXS A total multi-group cross section.
openmc.mgxs.TransportXS A transport-corrected total multi-group cross section.

Multi-delayed-group Cross Sections

openmc.mgxs.MDGXS An abstract multi-delayed-group cross section for some energy and delayed group structures within some spatial domain.
openmc.mgxs.ChiDelayed The delayed fission spectrum.
openmc.mgxs.DelayedNuFissionXS A fission delayed neutron production multi-group cross section.
openmc.mgxs.DelayedNuFissionMatrixXS A fission delayed neutron production matrix multi-group cross section.
openmc.mgxs.Beta The delayed neutron fraction.
openmc.mgxs.DecayRate The decay rate for delayed neutron precursors.

Multi-group Cross Section Libraries

openmc.mgxs.Library A multi-energy-group and multi-delayed-group cross section library for some energy group structure.