class openmc.PolarFilter(values, filter_id=None)[source]

Bins tally events based on the incident particle’s direction.

  • values (int or Iterable of Real) – A grid of polar angles which events will binned into. Values represent an angle in radians relative to the z-axis. If an iterable is given, the values will be used explicitly as grid points. If a single int is given, the range [0, pi] will be divided up equally into that number of bins.

  • filter_id (int) – Unique identifier for the filter

  • values (numpy.ndarray) – An array of values for which each successive pair constitutes a range of polar angles in [rad] for a single bin

  • id (int) – Unique identifier for the filter

  • bins (numpy.ndarray) – An array of shape (N, 2) where each row is a pair of polar angles for a single filter bin

  • id – Unique identifier for the filter

  • num_bins (Integral) – The number of filter bins


Make sure given bins are valid for this filter.