class openmc.Intersection(nodes)[source]

Intersection of two or more regions.

Instances of Intersection are generally created via the & operator applied to two instances of openmc.Region. This is illustrated in the following example:

>>> equator = openmc.ZPlane(z0=0.0)
>>> earth = openmc.Sphere(r=637.1e6)
>>> northern_hemisphere = -earth & +equator
>>> southern_hemisphere = -earth & -equator
>>> type(northern_hemisphere)
<class 'openmc.region.Intersection'>

Instances of this class behave like a mutable sequence, e.g., they can be indexed and have an append() method.


nodes (iterable of openmc.Region) – Regions to take the intersection of


bounding_box (openmc.BoundingBox) – Axis-aligned bounding box of the region

insert(index, value)[source]

S.insert(index, value) – insert value before index