Abstract class for solving depletion equations

Responsible for solving

\[\frac{\partial \vec{N}}{\partial t} = \bar{A}\vec{N}(t),\]

for \(0< t\leq t +\Delta t\), given \(\vec{N}(0) = \vec{N}_0\)

abstract __call__(A, n0, dt)[source]

Solve the linear system of equations for depletion

  • A (scipy.sparse.csc_matrix) – Sparse transmutation matrix A[j, i] describing rates at which isotope i transmutes to isotope j

  • n0 (numpy.ndarray) – Initial compositions, typically given in number of atoms in some material or an atom density

  • dt (float) – Time [s] of the specific interval to be solved


Final compositions after dt. Should be of identical shape to n0.

Return type