class openmc.lib.Tally(uid=None, new=True, index=None)[source]

Tally stored internally.

This class exposes a tally that is stored internally in the OpenMC library. To obtain a view of a tally with a given ID, use the openmc.lib.tallies mapping.

  • uid (int or None) – Unique ID of the tally
  • new (bool) – When index is None, this argument controls whether a new object is created or a view of an existing object is returned.
  • index (int or None) – Index in the tallies array.
  • id (int) – ID of the tally
  • estimator (str) – Estimator type of tally (analog, tracklength, collision)
  • filters (list) – List of tally filters
  • mean (numpy.ndarray) – An array containing the sample mean for each bin
  • nuclides (list of str) – List of nuclides to score results for
  • num_realizations (int) – Number of realizations
  • results (numpy.ndarray) – Array of tally results
  • std_dev (numpy.ndarray) – An array containing the sample standard deviation for each bin
  • type (str) – Type of tally (volume, mesh_surface, surface)

Confidence interval half-width based on a Student t distribution

Parameters:alpha (float) – Significance level (one minus the confidence level!)
Returns:Half-width of a two-sided (1 - \(alpha\)) confidence interval
Return type:float

Reset results and num_realizations of tally