class openmc.lib.Nuclide(index)[source]

Nuclide stored internally.

This class exposes a nuclide that is stored internally in the OpenMC solver. To obtain a view of a nuclide with a given name, use the openmc.lib.nuclides mapping.

Parameters:index (int) – Index in the nuclides array.
Variables:name (str) – Name of the nuclide, e.g. ‘U235’
collapse_rate(MT, temperature, energy, flux)[source]

Calculate reaction rate based on group-wise flux distribution

  • MT (int) – ENDF MT value of the desired reaction
  • temperature (float) – Temperature in [K] at which to evaluate cross sections
  • energy (iterable of float) – Energy group boundaries in [eV]
  • flux (iterable of float) – Flux in each energt group (not normalized per eV)

Reaction rate

Return type: