class openmc.lib.Material(uid=None, new=True, index=None)[source]

Material stored internally.

This class exposes a material that is stored internally in the OpenMC library. To obtain a view of a material with a given ID, use the openmc.lib.materials mapping.

  • uid (int or None) – Unique ID of the material
  • new (bool) – When index is None, this argument controls whether a new object is created or a view to an existing object is returned.
  • index (int or None) – Index in the materials array.
  • id (int) – ID of the material
  • nuclides (list of str) – List of nuclides in the material
  • densities (numpy.ndarray) – Array of densities in atom/b-cm
  • name (str) – Name of the material
  • temperature (float) – Temperature of the material in [K]
  • volume (float) – Volume of the material in [cm^3]
add_nuclide(name, density)[source]

Add a nuclide to a material.

  • name (str) – Name of nuclide, e.g. ‘U235’
  • density (float) – Density in atom/b-cm
set_densities(nuclides, densities)[source]

Set the densities of a list of nuclides in a material

  • nuclides (iterable of str) – Nuclide names
  • densities (iterable of float) – Corresponding densities in atom/b-cm
set_density(density, units='atom/b-cm')[source]

Set density of a material.

  • density (float) – Density
  • units ({'atom/b-cm', 'g/cm3'}) – Units for density