, temperatures=None, ace='ace', xsdir='xsdir', pendf=None, error=0.001, broadr=True, heatr=True, purr=True, acer=True, **kwargs)[source]

Generate incident neutron ACE file from an ENDF file

  • filename (str) – Path to ENDF file
  • temperatures (iterable of float, optional) – Temperatures in Kelvin to produce ACE files at. If omitted, data is produced at room temperature (293.6 K).
  • ace (str, optional) – Path of ACE file to write
  • xsdir (str, optional) – Path of xsdir file to write
  • pendf (str, optional) – Path of pendf file to write. If omitted, the pendf file is not saved.
  • error (float, optional) – Fractional error tolerance for NJOY processing
  • broadr (bool, optional) – Indicating whether to Doppler broaden XS when running NJOY
  • heatr (bool, optional) – Indicating whether to add heating kerma when running NJOY
  • purr (bool, optional) – Indicating whether to add probability table when running NJOY
  • acer (bool, optional) – Indicating whether to generate ACE file when running NJOY
  • **kwargs – Keyword arguments passed to

Return code of NJOY process

Return type: