Secondary particle emitted in a nuclear reaction


particle (str, optional) – What particle the reaction product is. Defaults to ‘neutron’.

  • applicability (Iterable of – Probability of sampling a given distribution for this product.
  • decay_rate (float) – Decay rate in inverse seconds
  • distribution (Iterable of – Distributions of energy and angle of product.
  • emission_mode ({'prompt', 'delayed', 'total'}) – Indicate whether the particle is emitted immediately or whether it results from the decay of reaction product (e.g., neutron emitted from a delayed neutron precursor). A special value of ‘total’ is used when the yield represents particles from prompt and delayed sources.
  • particle (str) – What particle the reaction product is.
  • yield ( – Yield of secondary particle in the reaction.
classmethod from_hdf5(group)[source]

Generate reaction product from HDF5 data

Parameters:group (h5py.Group) – HDF5 group to read from
Returns:Reaction product

Write product to an HDF5 group

Parameters:group (h5py.Group) – HDF5 group to write to