Collection of cross section data libraries.

Variables:libraries (list of dict) – List in which each item is a dictionary summarizing cross section data from a single file. The dictionary has keys ‘path’, ‘type’, and ‘materials’.

Export cross section data library to an XML file.

Parameters:path (str) – Path to file to write. Defaults to ‘cross_sections.xml’.
classmethod from_xml(path=None)[source]

Read cross section data library from an XML file.

Parameters:path (str, optional) – Path to XML file to read. If not provided, the OPENMC_CROSS_SECTIONS environment variable will be used.
Returns:data – Data library object initialized from the provided XML

Return the library dictionary containing a given material.

Returns:library – Dictionary summarizing cross section data from a single file; the dictionary has keys ‘path’, ‘type’, and ‘materials’.
Return type:dict or None

Register a file with the data library.

Parameters:filename (str) – Path to the file to be registered.