, items, subdivisions=None, divide_vols=True, **kwargs)[source]

Convenience function for building a fuel pin

  • surfaces (iterable of openmc.Cylinder) – Cylinders used to define boundaries between items. All cylinders must be concentric and of the same orientation, e.g. all openmc.ZCylinder
  • items (iterable) – Objects to go between surfaces. These can be anything that can fill a openmc.Cell, including openmc.Material, or other openmc.Universe objects. There must be one more item than surfaces, which will span all space outside the final ring.
  • subdivisions (None or dict of int to int) – Dictionary describing which rings to subdivide and how many times. Keys are indexes of the annular rings to be divided. Will construct equal area rings
  • divide_vols (bool) – If this evaluates to True, then volumes of subdivided openmc.Material instances will also be divided by the number of divisions. Otherwise the volume of the original material will not be modified before subdivision
  • kwargs – Additional key-word arguments to be passed to openmc.Universe, like name="Fuel pin"

Universe of concentric cylinders filled with the desired items

Return type: