openmc.model.borated_water(boron_ppm, temperature=293.0, pressure=0.1013, temp_unit='K', press_unit='MPa', density=None, **kwargs)[source]

Return a Material with the composition of boron dissolved in water.

The water density can be determined from a temperature and pressure, or it can be set directly.

The concentration of boron has no effect on the stoichiometric ratio of H and O—they are fixed at 2-1.

  • boron_ppm (float) – The weight fraction in parts-per-million of elemental boron in the water.
  • temperature (float) – Temperature in [K] used to compute water density.
  • pressure (float) – Pressure in [MPa] used to compute water density.
  • temp_unit ({'K', 'C', 'F'}) – The units used for the temperature argument.
  • press_unit ({'MPa', 'psi'}) – The units used for the pressure argument.
  • density (float) – Water density in [g / cm^3]. If specified, this value overrides the temperature and pressure arguments.
  • **kwargs – All keyword arguments are passed to the created Material object.

Return type: