class openmc.deplete.FissionYieldDistribution(fission_yields)[source]

Energy-dependent fission product yields for a single nuclide

Can be used as a dictionary mapping energies and products to fission yields:

>>> fydist = FissionYieldDistribution(
...     {0.0253: {"Xe135": 0.021}})
>>> fydist[0.0253]["Xe135"]

fission_yields (dict) – Dictionary of energies and fission product yields for that energy. Expected to be of the form {float: {str: float}}. The first float is the energy, typically in eV, that represents this distribution. The underlying dictionary maps fission products to their respective yields.

  • energies (tuple) – Energies for which fission yields exist. Sorted by increasing energy
  • products (tuple) – Fission products produced at all energies. Sorted by name.
  • yield_matrix (numpy.ndarray) – Array (n_energy, n_products) where yield_matrix[g, j] is the fission yield of product j for energy group g.

See also

classmethod from_xml_element(element)[source]

Construct a distribution from a depletion chain xml file

Parameters:element (xml.etree.ElementTree.Element) – XML element to pull fission yield data from
Return type:FissionYieldDistribution

Return a new distribution with select products

New in version 0.12.

Parameters:possible_products (iterable of str) – Candidate pool of fission products. Existing products not contained here will not exist in the new instance
Returns:A value of None indicates no values in possible_products exist in products
Return type:FissionYieldDistribution or None

Write fission yield data to an xml element

Parameters:root (xml.etree.ElementTree.Element) – Element to write distribution data to