class openmc.stats.PolarAzimuthal(mu=None, phi=None, reference_uvw=[0.0, 0.0, 1.0])[source]

Angular distribution represented by polar and azimuthal angles

This distribution allows one to specify the distribution of the cosine of the polar angle and the azimuthal angle independently of one another. The polar angle is measured relative to the reference angle.

  • mu (openmc.stats.Univariate) – Distribution of the cosine of the polar angle
  • phi (openmc.stats.Univariate) – Distribution of the azimuthal angle in radians
  • reference_uvw (Iterable of float) – Direction from which polar angle is measured. Defaults to the positive z-direction.
classmethod from_xml_element(elem)[source]

Generate angular distribution from an XML element

Parameters:elem (xml.etree.ElementTree.Element) – XML element
Returns:Angular distribution generated from XML element
Return type:openmc.stats.PolarAzimuthal

Return XML representation of the angular distribution

Returns:element – XML element containing angular distribution data
Return type:xml.etree.ElementTree.Element