openmc.model – Model Building

Convenience Functions

openmc.model.borated_water Return a Material with the composition of boron dissolved in water.
openmc.model.cylinder_from_points Return cylinder defined by two points passing through its center.
openmc.model.hexagonal_prism Create a hexagon region from six surface planes.
openmc.model.rectangular_prism Get an infinite rectangular prism from four planar surfaces.
openmc.model.subdivide Create regions separated by a series of surfaces. Convenience function for building a fuel pin

TRISO Fuel Modeling


openmc.model.TRISO Tristructural-isotopic (TRISO) micro fuel particle


openmc.model.create_triso_lattice Create a lattice containing TRISO particles for optimized tracking.
openmc.model.pack_spheres Generate a random, non-overlapping configuration of spheres within a container.

Model Container


openmc.model.Model Model container.