class openmc.stats.Point(xyz=(0.0, 0.0, 0.0))[source]

Delta function in three dimensions.

This spatial distribution can be used for a point source where sites are emitted at a specific location given by its Cartesian coordinates.

Parameters:xyz (Iterable of float, optional) – Cartesian coordinates of location. Defaults to (0., 0., 0.).
Variables:xyz (Iterable of float) – Cartesian coordinates of location
classmethod from_xml_element(elem)[source]

Generate point distribution from an XML element

Parameters:elem (xml.etree.ElementTree.Element) – XML element
Returns:Point distribution generated from XML element
Return type:openmc.stats.Point

Return XML representation of the point distribution

Returns:element – XML element containing point distribution location
Return type:xml.etree.ElementTree.Element