class openmc.Source(space=None, angle=None, energy=None, filename=None, strength=1.0, particle='neutron')[source]

Distribution of phase space coordinates for source sites.

  • space (openmc.stats.Spatial, optional) – Spatial distribution of source sites
  • angle (openmc.stats.UnitSphere, optional) – Angular distribution of source sites
  • energy (openmc.stats.Univariate, optional) – Energy distribution of source sites
  • filename (str, optional) – Source file from which sites should be sampled
  • strength (Real) – Strength of the source
  • particle ({'neutron', 'photon'}) – Source particle type
classmethod from_xml_element(elem)[source]

Generate source from an XML element

Parameters:elem (xml.etree.ElementTree.Element) – XML element
Returns:Source generated from XML element
Return type:openmc.Source

Return XML representation of the source

Returns:element – XML element containing source data
Return type:xml.etree.ElementTree.Element