class, n_react)[source]

Abstract class for generating reaction rates for operators

Responsible for generating reaction rate tallies for burnable materials, given nuclides and scores from the operator.

Reaction rates are passed back to the operator to be used by an openmc.deplete.OperatorResult instance.


nuclides (list of str) – All nuclides with desired reaction rates.


Normalize reaction rates by number of atoms

Acts on the current material examined by get_material_rates()


number (iterable of float) – Number of each nuclide in [atom] tracked in the calculation.


results – Array of reactions rates of shape (n_nuclides, n_rxns) normalized by the number of nuclides

Return type


abstract generate_tallies(materials, scores)[source]

Use the C API to build tallies needed for reaction rates

abstract get_material_rates(mat_id, nuc_index, react_index)[source]

Return 2D array of [nuclide, reaction] reaction rates

  • mat_id (int) – Unique ID for the requested material

  • nuc_index (list of str) – Ordering of desired nuclides

  • react_index (list of str) – Ordering of reactions

property nuclides

List of nuclides with requested reaction rates